Texas Weapons System Dust Cover DL Gen 3

New GEN 3 AK47 DogRail
The Hunters Hut is proud  to become an authorized Dealer for Texas Weapons Systems!

This is the NEW GEN 3 Texas Weapons System Dust Cover Dogleg rail for AK47's and AK74 Variants. This is  for mounting optical sights and and optional back sights to this kind of rifle.This is a SOLID piece of Aluminum that replaces the stamped back dust cover on these rifles. The picatinny rail is not attached or bolted to the top of the dust cover like other models that are available. It is one solid piece of the dust cover itself of beautiful engineering. 

TWS's advanced engineering also replaces the original release button with a new rod and button supplied that goes inside recoil spring. This new release button setup pulls tension DOWN on the back cover creating a real tight match for dustcover and receiver.

The setup attaches to the rear sight setup on all AK47's. Cleaning and return to zero with scopes is no problem. After I mounted the new setup on a I.O. Econ AK47 I mounted a full size 3X9 Scope with Burris Tactical Mounts. I wanted something with weight to it to see how the unit stands up to recoil. I ran 150 rounds through it with absolutely no malfunctions and it was solid as a rock.

Please also check out TWS's custom rear leaf or peep sight for this setup. It is non adjustable but again it is solid as as a rock. And very nicely made. Price is $30.00 additional.

Note: Part # 55315 /Guide Wire and Spring Retainer: Some rifles have a tube-type recoil spring assembly and will require this additional part. The Guide Wire & Spring Retainer, along with our Release Button will replace the customers tube-type recoil spring assembly.


Covers are available for the AK47 & AK74 Variants Part # 32310

AK47 Yugo Models Part # 32312

AK47 PSL Models Part # 32313

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*All TWS products carry a limited lifetime warranty.


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Item #: 044
Manufacturer: Texas Weapons System
Condition: New